15 Essential Tips On How To Care Of Your Clothes

Need the best guide when it comes to proper clothes care? Look no further! We’ve gathered the best tips for you, right here, right now! Make your garments look fresh and new and make them last longer with the following tips and tricks.

Take a Closer Look at the Care Labels

Almost every clothing ever made comes with a care label. These little instructions tell us how one should wash, dry and care for the clothes we buy. Whatever kind of garment you may have, you’ll find symbols and unique information on the teeny tiny labels that you can keep tags on in case you forget how to do the proper wash and dry cycle.

Wash Delicates as Delicate as Possible

Such item includes your underwear and swimsuits. It is advisable to wash your delicates by hand and never to attempt to machine clean them. Not only is such a practice considered lazy, but you might as well ruin your perfect bra and have your swimwear and underthings lose their elasticity. Also, dryers are a big no-no for underwear.

Use a Mesh Laundry Bag for Delicate Fabrics

Have no choice but to machine-wash your underwear, laces, baby clothes, and other delicates? Toss them inside a mesh laundry bag and turn the setting into a gentle cycle after following the instructions on the care labels. A mesh laundry bag helps avoid damages that can happen on your precious clothes. It is also an excellent way to keep track of your undies and socks that often goes missing after washing clothes.

Use a Fabric Shaver to Remove Bobbles, Pills or Lint Balls

Ever get those annoying balls of fur that sticks out of your clothes after a couple of wash and wear? Those come by many names – pills, bobbles, fuzzballs, and lint balls. The cause of these unsightly little buggers are the friction and abrasion, so the best way to prevent these from forming is by washing your clothes in gentle cycles and by using your favorite fabric softener. Get rid of bobbles on your shirt or sweater by using a fabric shaver on the surface.

Lace Fabrics Need Extra Care

Laced garments are open-weaved pieces of clothing that can get distorted when machine-washed. Such materials either made from cotton, synthetic fibers or linen are better cleaned by gentle handwashing with the aid of cold water and mild detergent. Vigorous scrubbing will only damage your laced clothes as this can distort the fibers. Gently squeeze excess water before hanging.

Try to Wash Less Frequently as Possible

The vicious cycle of wearing, washing, rinsing, drying and even spinning can take a toll on your clothes. Many people believe that over washing is meant to clean, but the thing is, it also strips the color and removes the structure of the fabrics which results to a shortened lifespan of your garments. Try to wash less frequently and opt to air dry items out in the sun to make them fresh and ready for storage.

Steam Your Denim to Make Them Last Longer

Since denim is a lot more durable than most fabrics, one doesn’t need to wash them after every use regularly. Also, if you overdo washing your denim, it can lose its shape too soon. Freshen up your jeans by hanging them out or by steam drying them in the dryer.

Air dry as much as Possible

Air drying your clothes is way better than using the dryer. The only great thing about dryers is its ability to hasten the drying process. Using a dryer tends to wear your clothes rapidly with each cycle. With air drying, your clothes will be lost longer, the environment will thank you for saving energy, and you get to do light exercise while doing your laundry.

Buy Your Clothes some Good Hangers

While plastic and wire hangers tend to be more affordable, padded and wooden hangers are your best choice. Hangers made of metals and plastics tend to stretch the materials of your garments, especially on the shoulders area. Wooden and padded hangers, on the other hand, offers excellent support that is essential in keeping and maintaining the shape of your clothes.

Fold or Hang Right After Drying Them Out

It doesn’t matter what materials make up your freshly-washed clothes – hang them or fold them right after air-drying them under the sun or after using the dryer. Once you remove the garments out of the heat, they will lock in the current state resulting in wrinkles.

Clean Clothes Before Storing

Some of us are guilty of storing our used clothes once the seasons changed. But to make use of your clothes for the long-haul, make sure to clean and wash them properly before shoving them at the back of your closet. Doing so will prevent bugs from ruining your best dresses as they love the smell of cologne, food stains, and smoke.

Invest in Garment-Storage Bags

It is tempting to just put your clothes right into the back of your wardrobe, or even on plastic dry-cleaning bags. However, if you want to maintain the quality of your garments, you’d want them to have a little bit of space to breathe. Storing them in garment-storage bags allows air to circulate, and prevents your white clothes from yellowing.

Fold Clothes Along the Seems

If you want to avoid unwanted creases, it is best to fold them along the seems. This will help maintain the shape of your clothes. Don’t forget to fold a soon as you take them out of the sun or dryer!

Wash Your Dark-Colored Clothes the Right Way

Dark garments tend to bleed and lose their color after continuous wash and wear. One way to avoid this is by turning the garment inside out and by using color-protecting detergents.

Proper Care for Leather

A leather jacket is one of the items most girls and boys have in their closet, but how do you take care of such a thing? Hand-wash using water and mild soap to clean scuffs and apple leather conditioner afterward. Sending them to your local dry-cleaner is also a good idea.

Now that you have a better idea on how to properly care of your clothes, you can now apply these tips to keep them looking brand new. Keep these things in mind if you want to keep them for a more extended period.

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