Add Variation To Your Cupboard And Buy Banarasi Sarees

Women love to look beautiful and men love to see them beautiful. It’s commonlyaccepted that a woman looks most beautiful in saree. They are the cloth in which all her blessings and parts surface, highlighting her grace and alluring people to admire her. Their most acknowledged advantage is that they are always in fashion and new trends are launched daily providing you plethora of choices. In this sequence of betterment, various new styles of sarees have surfaced like half n half sarees, Banarasi sarees, bandhani sarees, kanjivaram and what not. There are some sarees which have special regional attributes like Bengali and Banarasi.

What are half n half sarees?

Sarees have been garment of women since the time when kings ruled on earth and have gone through modifications according to the fashion. There are a number of new options and innovations in sarees today and half n half sarees are one of them. The name half and half comes from the presence of two different colors in two halves of this saree designed with the motto to make them more attractive and beautiful. They are very popular and have a huge market in wedding season.

Unique design of half and half sarees

This design of saree is the result of the hard work of fashion designers working day and night to bring innovations in the old cultural dresses and keeping their demand high in the market.They have special kind of design from which their name is derived and the user has to wear them in a particular style to bring out the pattern. Here is the constitution of half and half sarees-

    • These sarees are made in two parts one with a different color to cover the body portion and is called pleats, the other to go over hips and shoulders and fly when the wind blows is called the pallu.

  • The pleats: They are wrapped around the waist and cover legs falling to the ground where they can be long enough to cover feet. They are dyed in one color and may have embroidery on sides.
  • The pallu: Theyare the real attraction of saree and cover hips and shoulder as per the choice of the wearer. It is generally fully decorated with patterns and colors to impart attractiveness and is of different color.

The colors chosen to dye this saree are bold and contrast with each other and don’t affect the fabric to be used in this saree.

Other sarees

Apart from half and half sarees,Banarasi sarees are in huge demand. They are produced in a certain region and are representative of the ancient traditions and embroidery of that place. Buy Banarasi sarees which are available in deep hues which match with everything and are suitable for all occasions.

Welcome to the world of sarees! Choose whatever saree you feel fit and be the life of the function. Surprise your partner by wearing a saree of his favorite color and enjoy the colors of life!

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