Are an Event Coordinator and Party Planner the Same?

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Many people believe that there is absolutely no difference between a party planner or an event coordinator. But, there are lots of differences between these two titles. The event coordinator can be a party planner, but a party planner is not an event coordinator. Most event planning organizations will have someone that is the expert in planning party, and that person will handle the social aspects of any meeting or event.

Job description

Another way of looking at each job description is that an event coordinator will implement all the planning or all features of the meeting or event whereas a party planner usually deals with the social aspect, i.e. the party. The roles and responsibilities are the same. It is the types of events, or parties, that generally define whether someone is a party planner or an event coordinator.

Rule of thumb

It’s true that the two titles are often compatible; the general rule of thumb is that an event coordinator handles all aspects of a meeting or event and a party planner plans and executes only the social events.

Event success

The success of events or any meeting is dependent on every member of your team. It is crucial that everyone, from the event coordinator to the front-line staff, all be on the exact same page. The knowledge that everyone has a single goal, to ensure the success of the event, will go a long way.

Front staff

We have spoken about the importance of the front-line staff before. You can plan the most amazing event, creative, fun and informational. But if your front-line staff are bored, and just don’t quite give a damn, it does not matter how much planning has gone into it. Usually, they can truly make or break the event for the event coordinator.


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