Be Fabulous This Spring

Can you feel the light breeze and warm sunrays on your skin, already? Ah, we can! The excitement of the upcoming warm weather is almost palpable and we can’t help but jump for joy to try all the new spring fashion solutions.

What we love about fashion these days is that everything is allowed – what eclectic is in interior design, that’s 2017 fashion in women/menswear for you, right there. Individuality is appreciated, styles are mixed, prior decades are back, colors are screaming and everyone is given a chance to be their own designer. Love!

To all of you little fashion-worshipers, we’re listing our very interesting style solutions to try out this season and wear them with grace and joy!

Here we go…

Breezy and denim

It is not unusual to experiment with materials, especially if you’re a bit edgy; this spring, we’re enjoying breezy materials like lace, linen, cotton, rayon, silk, georgette and jersey paired with denim in unusual ways. For instance, denim skinny jeans will look absolutely fabulous with a cotton embellished maxi dress (yes, dress!) over it and ballerina shoes. What about denim shorts wrapped in a flowy silk skirt that’s flowy around your figure? Ah, options, options… Be creative and don’t shy away from risking a bit!

Statement on pattern

A statement lightweight sweater or a graphic T shirt will look amazing paired with a mini in a hilarious pattern! Ballsy, edgy and intriguing this combination will definitely turn heads. Wear your jeans with stickers (you can even buy the stickers yourself and customizeyour jeans) and pair them up with a screaming shirt color with an unusual neckline. Wear a jacket that’s totally off and be quirky, it’s spring!

Florals and must-have accessories

They can say whatever they want but floral for spring isn’t going anywhere. Sure, it might not be groundbreaking (hint: Devil Wears Prada) but it’s definitely too feminine and cute to pass. This spring, we’re looking at a twist, though: apart from all the maxi and short floral dresses we’re looking at maxi vests (a total must!) and jackets, floral overcoats and cardigans, weird but elegant floral blouses and interesting crop tops. They are beautifully paired with interesting purses, bags, hats and shades. Keep things light and enjoy them!

Knitwear and elegance

Who knew knitwear would be the it thing of the spring, especially in the way that it is featured: we’re seeing feminine shapes like pencil skirts and sweet tops, there are a lot milky colors and soft designs. This spring, girls wearing knitwear will definitely steal the show of every stylish and elegant gathering, as it’ll be impossible to look away from all the beautiful designs and colors. Girls that are a bit edgier will most probably pair their knitwear with a little bit of leather to up the ante.

Graphics and color-coordination

A walking Picasso or a Spring Goddess, choose your nickname wisely! The colors are exploding this spring and we hope you’ll be wise to use the trend briskly! There are a lot of angular shapes and engraving, drypoint and etching present in the fabrics, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. You’d expect sculptural elements in design, too but there are very little or none. Hard lines are paired with light fabrics and they look both feminine and dangerous. There’s something so exciting about the juxtaposition of hard and soft we’re seeing… ah! Explore the style and make it yours.

Scroll through our options again and tell us which style are you planning on adopting! Hey, even if you feel like going through styles randomly, that’s okay too – as long as you are enjoying the process and loving your results!


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