Cocktail Attire for Women – 8 Dos and Don’ts

Cocktail attire is a more celebratory formal clothing and peculiar to events such as reunions, anniversaries, weddings, engagements etc. However, we lack the basic idea of what rules and rituals follow, and most of the time, break them. Now, let’s look at 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Cocktail Attire for Women.

#1: Don’t Wear Huge Gown That Trail Out

Avoid wearing gowns that trail out and about. Rather, fashion experts usually suggest that you can go for midi size dresses especially for those who don’t feel comfortable with the shorter ones. You can explore the unlimited options.

#2: Don’t Wear Skimpy Dresses

The cocktail party is not a night out so you should avoid wearing any sleazy, transparent or any dress that attracts unnecessary attention. Make sure your neckline does not plunge into the oblivion. Princess cuts, A-line dresses or dresseswith hemline flowing below your arm’s stretch are perfect. Strapless dresses and little black dresses will never go out of style.

#3: Don’t Show Up In Jeans

Jeans don’t fall under the formal-clothing category so, you should totally avoid wearing them. Pantsuits and chic looking trousers with a chiffon blouse or chic silk are perfect. You can pair the outfit with pumps, pearl necklace or moderate makeup.

#4: Don’t Carry Huge Bags

Avoid carrying a mini-convenience store or an oversized bag, it doesn’t just go with a cocktail party. Instead, you can go for a clutch or a small yet stylish body bag. Keep the big bag in your car!

#5: Don’t Do Flip-Flops

Yes, we all feel comfortable with flip-flops. Yet you should avoid not just the flip flops but also gladiators, boots, flat sandals and the likes unless in exceptional cases. You can go for those that enhance your silhouette like the platform heels, pumps or wedges.

#6: Don’t Overdo Accessories

Avoid too many accessories as they will make you look unappealing and may ruin the entire outfit. You should be precise in your accessory selection. Go for the one piece that will complement your dress and make you stand out. Keep jewelry like finger rings, bracelet minimal.

#7: Don’t GoIn Shoddy Or Crumpled Dresses

Avoid going with crumpled dresses especially when you are considering a jumpsuit, fancy trouser or pantsuit for your outfit. Make sure that you iron them out properly before the time of the event.

#8: Don’t Let Your Undergarments Show

Avoid exposing your undergarments. They should remain under as the name implies and out of radar. For a cocktail party etiquette, your best bet is a strapless or stick-on bra especially if your dress has a plunging or tricky neckline.

You don’t have to rob yourself of the chance of wearing a cocktail attire even if the invites are rare. Besides, there are lots more other occasions where you can make use of them. If you are still not sure how to get the best cocktail dress that fits, you can buy cocktail dresses from and enjoy your occasion!


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