Design Info – Making its Presence Felt

Design Info has been making its presence felt by taking part in a number of events in recent times. In 2016 it had taken part at the International Textile Machinery Exhibitions that was organized in Mumbai. The exhibition focused on textile prints, pantone, and machinery related to same. It was organized from 3 to 8 December. The organization’s stall was in the print and machinery section. The event was adorned by the likes of Bernini Design Studio from Italy. At that event it launched its Fresh Spring Summer 2018 Collection. It showed around 1000 prints on design categories such as the following:

  • Placements
  • Ikkat
  • Paisley
  • Florals
  • Abstract
  • Geometric

These were to be used for printing on screens and digital surfaces.

At the said event it offered DVDs of the highest quality along with files that were layered using the PSD (Photoshop Document) format.

More on ITME

The ITME is organized by the India ITME Society. It was set up during 1980 in the shape of a not-for-profit organization that was supposed to be of service to the textile engineering industry. It holds exhibitions after every 4 years. ITME is supposed to provide a global platform where exhibitors can come in and show their products. It also spreads information on the various innovative technologies that are being used in the industry.

As such, it has been playing a major role in making sure that the industry progresses. It has helped the textile engineering industry in India grow and this has been of benefit to all the stakeholders of the said industry such as technologists and professionals working in the textile industry as well as consumers that avail the products and services of the same.

What did Design Info do there?

At the said event Design Info exhibited books on prints and pattern designs along with DVDs. These books were on Pantone, TPG, TCX, and other forms of graphics. At the said event it provided discounts of 30 per cent on listed prices as a way of providing promo offers that were meant mainly for the said exhibition.

Helping the industry

As you may know Design Info is one of the leading providers of Pantone color guides that play such a major role in commercial printing of any and every kind in India. When you use pantone colors you can take your work higher by several notches. In this day of cut throat competition this is not something to be scoffed at.

Graphic designers know this. When they try and create a piece of work that stands out from the rest one of the first things that they need to take into consideration is the color that they are going to use. One of the main reasons as to why so much thought has to be put in using color is because of its price. More the colors, higher will be the budget. Normally designers use the pantone color guides in order to make their work exclusive and special from ordinary stuff.       


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