Fingerprint Engagement Rings

Many couples are doing things differently when it comes to engagements and weddings. Old-fashioned rituals are going by the wayside and making way for unique and customized engagements, rings, vows, and weddings. If you’ve been looking around for different ways to customize your nuptials, consider the latest trend – fingerprint engagement rings!

This new style is highly personalized because it includes actual replications of one of the engaged couples’ fingerprints. They could be yours or those of your loved one. Some couples are opting to give the man his wedding ring during the formal engagement rather than during the wedding ceremony.

It’s no longer one-way engagement planning. This is one of the many reasons that fingerprint engagement rings are so personal. Embed your fingerprint on his ring and his fingerprint on yours… forever entwined… imprinted with love.

The Stunning Fingerprint Process

Since the process is newly trending, many people wonder how it is done.

  • It all starts with selecting a jeweler experienced in the fingerprint process.

Jewelers who have experience creating fingerprint jewelry can provide ink-stamp kits. After making a few crystal clear ink prints, they can be digitized and emailed to the jeweler. They can also be mailed in a flat protective envelope to ensure no additional creases are added to the print. The jeweler will provide specific instructions after an initial consultation.

  • Select the ring’s details

The fingerprints will be embedded on the ring’s band, so selecting the setting, stone, and metal are important decisions that need to be made in advance. Experienced fingerprint jewelers, such as Dimples online – known for high definition fingerprint jewelry – will help with selections based on the budget and personal preferences. When you select a pre-made design, you are still choosing the precious stone, its size, the stone’s setting, and metal. Metal selections are generally: 10K, 14K, 18K yellow or white gold. Precious stones for engagements are generally sparkling white diamonds, although recently fancy colored diamonds have come into fashion.

  • Take your fingerprints!

Fingerprints are so individual, they can’t be duplicated, which is what makes this technique so valuable. Exchanging fingerprint rings is romantic and seems like a bigger commitment than standard off-the-shelf rings. Adding inscriptions brings in another layer of personal dedication.

  • Review the proof, approve, and receive the stunning engagement ring!

Excellent fingerprint jewelers will steer you in the direction that will make you and your partner the happiest. They will provide a proof, once the fingerprints are received and run through their system. You will have a chance to approve the mock-up or make changes prior to production of the finished piece. The fingerprint engagement ring will make so many more emotional connections. We think you will be surprised at the deep emotions that will surface.

If you’re not ready for a fingerprint engagement ring, there are other fingerprint jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, charms, earrings, cufflinks, and more! You can even embed a pet’s paw print, a child’s simple drawing, a signature, and anything you can imagine that will hold its details when it is reduced to size.

From any perspective, fingerprint engagement rings are here to stay. Perhaps in the future, they will evolve to include even more personal attributes.

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