Handmade Jewellery Designs That You Must Own

Jewellery too can have a meaning with a soul and life of its own when customized to reflect your personality and likes. And such a customization can only be seen in artifacts that allow designers to accommodate all your suggestions and requirements within the design before making the jewellery. Moreover, since made with hands, each item is given the time and effort it needs to be built into a perfect lifelong companion.

Classic Handmade Jewellery And Its Value in Terms of Design and Quality

To begin with, different people have different choices. And because handmade jewellery is exclusively built by designers after meeting you to learn about your requirements, every single piece sings a different song and has a different story to tell. Besides, since handmade jewellery can also be created by age-old traditional makers, you can get a piece that exclusively inherits the essence of your culture. Some of the best designs like those by MYEL Design that you can use to customize your jewellery are listed below.

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  • Napa Bracelet in Silver – This handmade bracelet preserves the hilly essence of the Californian mainland and is made at the hands of the finest designers in Canada. You can grace your wrist with this traditional bracelet made with Sterling silver that also carries a modern vibe.
  • Galatée Ring with Blue London Topaz in Silver – This delicate feminine ring features a deep blue topaz stone, adorned with micro silver spheres around its circumference, in the center on top of a polished silver band. It has a simple and sober design that looks good with a matching attire.
  • 1889 Necklace With Sapphires in Silver – Keeping the vintage look alive in the core, this necklace is adorned with small white sapphires studded on top of a mash made with 1889 Sterling silver. It has an architectural touch since its design derives the look of Eiffel tower.
  • Blue Bouquet Ring in Silver – This is a delicate colorful ring adorned in the pastel hues of sapphire, rose quartz, and topaz blue. The design looks like 3 dew drops settled on top of a small rose bud. The ring has a semi-formal feel that goes well with all sophisticated events and looks.
  • Hydromel Hoops Earrings With Tourmaline in Gold – These charming, quite chic, earrings are made with 14 karat yellow gold and a Brazilian Tourmaline stone in the shape of a square, resting on the head top of the circular yellow gold band.  

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