Moissanite vs Diamond: Know the difference

If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, the basic thing to do is to find the perfect diamond ring. But first, we need to get as much information as we can and understand why this precious stone is famous and celebrated.

Diamonds are not just beautiful and elegant, they are durable, stylish and timeless. We all want to have a diamond jewelry, unfortunately, this is a luxury not everyone can have. Mainly because they are expensive. Just owning one ring is already considered a significant investment.

If you want to buy a diamond jewelry to give as a gift or, if a proposal is in the works and you would like to buy a ring that has the beauty of a diamond but not as pricey, then you should consider an alternative such as moissanite, which is usually a choice that most people go for.

The great thing about moissanite is that it resembles much like a diamond. The color, brilliance and its hardness is very close, that a lot of people find it a good alternative for diamonds. And although they look the same, when it comes to the price, moissanite is definitely much more affordable.

So, should you go for a moissanite or a diamond? If you want to get a good perspective between the two, you should check out this link: for more information.

Differences Between Moissanites and Diamonds

Diamonds is known to be one of the hardest material in the world and they could last for millions of years. This is the reason why they are very popular and expensive. Their main component is carbon. In fact pure diamonds are made of pure carbon. They are formed due to extreme heat and pressure, and this combination forms crystals.

Diamonds are not considered rare and that’s because they can be mined in a lot of places across the globe. It is formed naturally and are brought to the earth’s surface when there a natural event occurs like a volcanic eruption. On the other hand, natural moissanite is are considered extremely rare.

Diamonds are mined from the earth, while natural moissanite comes are formed from meteorites. This also the reason why it known as “Space Diamond” or “Stardust”.

The quantities of natural moissanite is very limited and that is why the amount to create jewelry is insufficient. This makes this kind of jewelry very costly. Because of its limitation, people make synthetic moissanite and there a lot of them available in the market today.


Diamonds is known to have the highest hardness and it they are known to be used for cutting and polishing tools.

Moissanite is not that far behind, and it is said that it is the second hardest gemstone that is use in jewelry. This stone is popularly use in making engagement rings because it is more durable than stones like emerald and sapphire.

Both stones are easy to maintain. Both are resistant to scratch and are perfect for everyday wear.

The Price

As we all know diamonds is one of the priciest jewelry in the world. Most people find it very expensive but would still go for it anyway because of its high quality.

Did you know that a carat of diamond can go up to four thousand dollars? If you are wondering how much an average engagement ring would cost you, the answer is a whopping five thousand dollars, approximately. As for moissanite? It can be 90% cheaper.

If you wish to learn more on moissanite, we recommend you to click here.

The Appearance

As mentioned above, moissanite and diamonds look very similar, and if you are not an expert it will be hard to differentiate which is which. Even experts need to use specific equipment to tell them apart.

Diamonds is popular for its sparkle and brilliance. When it is cut perfectly, a diamond’s fire, brilliance, and scintillation is cannot be matched by any other stone out there.

While moissanite features a high refractive index, while they can look more brilliant, they have this rainbow effect that which can be seen under natural light.

People enjoy displaying these kind of jewelry, while others will feel like it is fake. If you want to avoid this, go low key and consider smaller pieces so as not to be flashy.


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