Never Do These 5 Things with Your Sunglasses

You just spent a fair amount of money on a brand-new pair of fashion sunglasses that you hope will last for at least a year. Your track record isn’t so great, but you’re hoping you can do it this time. You have promised yourself that come hell or high water, you’re not going to break or lose this pair before you get a solid 12 months out of them.

So, what are you going to do? More importantly, what are you NOT going to do? It turns out that getting a year out of your new sunglasses really hinges more on the second question. The things you don’t do are more important than the things you do.

In light of that, never do these five things with your sunglasses:

1. Clean Them with Paper Towel or Tissue

Paper towel and tissue may seem like good things to use for cleaning sunglasses, but they aren’t. Their seemingly soft texture belies the reality that paper products are made from wood. Even the softest paper towels and tissues can contain small chips of wood that ultimately scratch your lenses.

Your best bet is to clean sunglasses with a clean, cotton cloth and a bit of warm water. You can also buy micro fiber cleaning cloths at any store that sells high-end eyewear.

2. Clean Them with Your Shirt or Jacket

A shirt or jacket may be a better option for cleaning than tissues and paper towel, but the clothes you’re wearing are still no substitute for a clean, cotton cloth. Your shirt or jacket may contain fibers that are just as damaging. And don’t forget dirt or debris. Even small dirt particles you can’t see can scratch your lenses.

3. Set Them Down on Their Lenses

Next, never set down your sunglasses on their lenses. Almost every pair of lenses is made of plastics that are sensitive even to the slightest amount of abrasion. Setting your new pair down on its lenses is akin to begging for scratches.

4. Store Them Without a Case

Are you the kind of person who thinks nothing of throwing your shades in the glove compartment as-is? Or maybe you take them off and stuff them in your purse without thinking. These are things you should never do. Never store your sunglasses in a pocket, purse, messenger bag, etc. without a case. Better yet, make that a rigid case.

Olympic Eyewear, a Salt Lake City manufacturer and distributor of fashion sunglasses, explains that most sunglasses are more fragile than they appear. Allowing them to rattle around unprotected in the glove compartment increases the chances that they will not last a year. As durable as sunglasses are, it doesn’t take much to scratch a lens or crack a frame.

5. Prop Them up on Your Head

It may look pretty cool to prop your sunglasses up on the top of your head, but it’s not good for them. Likewise for the Guy Fieri trick of carrying them on the back of your head by wearing them in reverse. Both practices are bad inasmuch as they put extra pressure on the frames. This can stretch the frames and weaken the hinges. You are better off using a granny strap for temporary removal of your sunglasses.

That goal of getting at least a year out of your new sunglasses is an admirable one. You can do it if you make a point of taking care of your shades. So don’t ever do the things described here. Take care of your sunglasses and they will take care of you.

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