Rainbow Wedding Theme

Everywhere you look everything’s coming up rainbows! Rainbows are dominating the clothing industry. Rainbows are making an appearance at the bakeries. Even hair is being died rainbows. They are everywhere.

The wedding industry is no exception. Fun-loving couples are adopting the rainbow theme for a beautiful and unique wedding experience.

In this article, we will give you some fun ideas to help you incorporate the lovely colors of the rainbow in your special day.

The Bridal Party

In our rainbow themed wedding, we see brides wearing a rainbow crown of flowers. Flowers of pastel pink, baby blue, light yellow and soft green are layered on the headpiece.

Brides can stick with white gowns or they can select a soft rainbow color. But, you can have the best of both worlds if you wear a white bridal gown with rainbow ribbons around the waist and flow down to the hem of the dress.

The bridesmaid’s area different story. Dress each of your bridesmaids in a different pastel color to represent the rainbow. Even in a more formal event, you can dress your bridesmaids in lovely evening gowns of soft rainbow colors.  You and they will carry rainbow bouquets. Groomsmen can support a rainbow cumberbund or vest. They can select a color for the bowtie.


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You will need a backdrop for photos. Some people hang ribbons of rainbow colors from the ceiling to the floor. Or, you can work with your florist and make a rainbow wall of flowers. The bouquets will be in rainbow colors, so they will already know the type of flower and the color.

Centerpieces are rainbow colored candles. The various heights of the candles will form an arch. If your wedding venue has a lot of lights you may want to change the bulbs for colored bulbs of red, blue, green, and pink.

Cover the aisle you will be marching on with a rainbow rug.

Have sparkling rainbow ribbon tied to the chairs and hanging low on the backside.

Instead of having guest pelt you with rice as you are leaving the venue, give them containers of rainbow confetti. They will create a wall of rainbow colors for you to run through.

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  • Rainbow cake

When the layers of colored cake are inside a beautiful wedding cake, they make quite an impression. Another option is to decorate your cake with flowers that are colorful.

  • Serve your signature drink with colored straws. Provide rainbow napkins and cup holders.
  • Create a donut wall. This is made with a pegboard and wooden dowels. Arrange your donuts by color, Use white around the rainbow and in the arch of the rainbow. This is a delicious way to serve your guest.

The Honeymoon

After a fun and colorful wedding, you are off to begin your new life together. But the fun does not have to stop. Check out http://www.3wishes.com for fun costumes and lingerie. They even have rainbow designs on some items. This is a fun way to close the best day of your life.

Rainbows are available in just about everything. The above-mentioned ideas are suggested to add color and fun to your day while keeping the integrity of the occasion. This is your wedding and it should be done your way. A rainbow wedding is sure to bring a smile to the faces of your guests.


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