The Advantages Of Using The Hot Chilli Pepper Sprays

Hot chilli pepper sprays are today considered to be the best pepper spray for self defence available. There are some people throughout the world who consider this spray to be the best pepper sprays available. Imagine if you get bitten by chilli pepper then you will understand that it is very difficult to handle. So if someone sprays hot chilli pepper spray on your face, then the pain will surely be unbearable.

What happens if you spray hot chilli pepper spray on your attacker?

The attacker will experience a burning sensation all over his face including his throat, nose and eyes. The pain would be agonizing. Since years these pepper sprays are being used as the best self-defence mechanism. There are also some people who keep it at home as a safety measure in case the home is attacked by certain criminals.

What is pepper spray made up of and how does it affect the attacker?

These pepper sprays are made of chilli pepper extracts. These normally come in the aerosol canister and you can quickly and easily spray it. It is also easy to carry these pepper sprays. It is for this reason that these pepper sprays are considered to be the best pepper spray for self-defence.

Reasons for the growing popularity of the chilli pepper spray

If you spray this chilli pepper spray, then it will be extremely difficult for the attacker. This spray will start irritating his eyes, mouse, lungs and throat. The effect of these pepper spraysis also immediate and very powerful. The effect is quite long, and during this time the person can escape, and the police can take control of the situation.

Another very big advantage of these pepper sprays is that its effect is not at all long lasting. The immediate effect may be intense. However, this effect will go off immediately. So this makes I a much safer option as compared to guns and other chemicals.

Though in most countries it is considered to be safe and the user does not have any legal implications however in some countries using this spray is completely illegal.

If using these pepper sprays are considered legal in your country then you can surely buy one. There are a different type of these sprays available, and you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. If you want to fit this spray in your purse then you can but a smaller one. However if you want to go out for jogging with a pepper spray then you should buy the one that will be convenient for it.

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