The best hats, knitwear and winter jackets

Fashions change, so the small details become more and more noticeable. Belts, a hat, a scarf … Any accessory is important today.

For women, accessories have always been something very relevant, which is why more and more men are giving importance to these small details, but that usually highlights the sight and sometimes make the difference between one man and another.

What can be considered as accessories? For men, they would consider belts, watches, hats or gloves on a first step. In the second step as less relevant the wallets, mobile bracelets or rings.

But it is in winter where you can wear all kinds of accessories jackets, gloves, handkerchiefs, hats … they become indispensable garments. On the other hand, we know that with the right choice of winter accessories you will get a totally personalized look. To keep up with the latest trends, let’s list the main accessories that can never be missing in your closet bottom.

Mens Downer Jackets

The down is a jacket that contains inside the short and soft feather that the birds have under the outer plumage of their wings. It is a very warm and compact garment, but the contract is very sensitive to moisture. The other option that exists is the down with synthetic fibers. These are less insulating but more economical for your pocket. Both the pen and the synthetic fibers have in common a goal: not to give heat, but to retain the heat of your own body.

An advice! When you look at a feather jacket take into account the so-called Cuin, that is, the cubic inches or cubic inches. If you hesitate between two jackets, buy the one with the most cuins. That will mean that it has greater swelling power and therefore, its insulation capacity will be greater. 883 Police has them in different colors to fit your personality and you can get it at £ 75.00

Downer Navy Regular Fit Duckdown Hooded Jacket


Caps or hats are very important complements in fashion. They fulfill two fundamental functions: on the one hand, a functional utility, its main purpose: to protect you. And, on the other, an aesthetic function, of course.

In this way, the hats protect our heads from the inclement weather. The rain, the cold, the sun and the heat will be much more bearable if we cover ourselves with them. Since more than 70% of body heat is lost through the head, hats or caps have always been a fundamental complement to protect us in cold climates. The hats that sell 883 Police are very modern and of high quality. You can find them in black and gray and its price is £ 15.00

The wool cap is the main protagonist of 883 Police. The same that swept a couple of years ago, and was still a trend last year, again knocking on the doors of your closet waiting to leave.


This cotton knitwear is comfortable and ideal to wear it for any occasion. Although this cotton knitwear is much cooler than any of their brother’s wool or cashmere is also the one that provides faster heat. Another advantage is that this type of knitwear can be used directly on the skin without irritation. You can get it in 883 Police for only £ 40.00

Muraco Marl Grey 2 Knitwear

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