The various types of kurtis

When it comes to decorating or clothing, Indians have a distinct taste which makes them attractive and glamorous. It is not an end when it comes to traditional Indian dresses as Indian ethnic wear comes with  their own set of varieties which anyone can choose as per their individuality. Depending on the weather as well as the humid conditions, the dress is selected. In the urban world, the kurtas are the perfect dress for any occasion. But this classic word of kurti is not a single name and when you search the online platform you can find several types of it.

But if you study it carefully, there is not bound to be any sense of confusion, of understanding the various types of designer kurtis. Hereby are coupled a list of kurtis which every woman should be aware when they are shopping for their Indian ethnic needs.

Straight kurtis

They are longer in style along with the designs. It is available in various traditional works, with awesome colors along with fabrics. This outfit is something which can be worn in the hot summer months as well. It can go for a casual occasion along with college days.

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Frock kurtis

They are the censure of every girl’s needs and they go on to resemble a frock. It is available in the traditional block prints, ethnic craftsmanship like embroidery and much more. This outfit can be complimented with designer leggings for wearing on different occasions.

Shirt kurtis

Just like your shirt with buttons, this kurtis have a long running button placket with a regular collar. But nowadays such type of kurtas are available in amazing designs, various types of sleeves or collars. Not only for women but  mens kurta online are also available with great and variety of designs

Jacket kurtis

They are known to have an extra layer of jacket style which can or cannot be tied up with laces. The attached jackets tend to have buttons and can pretty well get along with cigarette pants or churidars. Such sorts of kurtas are excellent for religious occasions or festivals so do check out the site if you want stylish yet elegant kurta for men

Asymmetric kurtis

There is playful hemlines and form which is at the bottom of the kurta which makes all the difference. It can be short, medium or long in length and their uneven bottom goes on to define its elegant look.

A line Kurtis

It resembles its name. They tend to have a broad helpline and it goes just like the shape A. It is wider at the end and narrower at the top. It comes under the category of regular dressing and can be worn for any event.

Anarkali kurtas

They give you a royal flavor as they have a Midas touch at the end of the lengths. They are tight at the waist and fall loose from there. It is known to have amazing flare, pleats and it is awesome for a wedding.

Now you can dive into the pool of kurtis, as you are aware of each and every type of kurta in the market. Hope the smartest choice will be made by you at the earliest!

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