Toddler Easel: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

What makes an easel for kids a good gift than paper flat on the floor or table is that it provides little ones with an exciting room where they can build their imaginations and ideas freely.

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We know how demanding and complex it is to choose the right easel for your kids, so here are a few factors that would help you out.


The most important among all, you need to consider the height as well as how wide it is. Easels with an adjustable height or those that cover an extensive variety of height are much more recommended because it enables kids to make masterpieces.


This one is only pertinent to those kids who prefer working indoors. It is not convenient to buy your child a big easel if the room is too small because her movements will be constrained. This will eventually result in strain and stress in your kid’s whole body.

Assembly and storage

Opt for an easel that will make assembly very quick and easy to do. You can get instructions for easier setup. Also, it should be easy to store and good especially for those with restricted space.


Probably one of the most important factors in selecting the best kind of toddler easel. If you see your honey loves creating mixed media artwork and is dealing with liquid like watercolors or fluid acrylics, then an easel with a low angle and elevation is much more recommended.

Painting style

Does your child have a visceral force on his hands? Then a stable and solid easel will best suit him. Small easels, on the other hand, are good for those who prefer doing light strokes.


How much can you pay for an easel? If he is just starting to let his juices flow, then buying a costly easel is not necessarily needed. Rather, choose those that have direct structure.


Mostly, highly durable plastic easels for toddlers are completely washable. This is a huge advantage for parents.


Don’t forget those things that are close to the artist. These include trays for brushes, pencils, crayons, and other needed tools for imaginative creation. A tray is also a perfect place for keeping art supplies in a single place. This way, your kids will learn to be in order.

Other adds-on include crayon board, magnetic panels, dry-erase board, and the probability of dragging a paper over the easels’ sides.

Do not turn your buying experience into a real nightmare. Take these important tips in mind before buying an easel for your sweetie. Go to a local toy store and assess your needs, or kindly visit for a huge collection of easels suited to the liking of your adorable munchkin. Each product comes at an affordable price, which will entice even those buyers with a limited financial plan.

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