Top 5 jewelry pieces you can make with Czech glass beads

Czech glass beads are the most beautiful form of beads available in the market. They are manufactured in different styles and shades that can make anything look beautiful. The Czech glass beads are produced with the purest material to assure that they will help you create the perfect look that you want.

Many girls are interested in making their own jewelry and they have the required material and time. However, they are confused about the pieces they can make with the help of Czech glass beads. Here we have the top 5 jewelry pieces that you must try making.

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The necklace is easiest to prepare with the Czech glass beads. All you need is some large size of beads or you can also have the stones. Place the stone in the center and form a design around them. you can make two or three flowers. Now take the thread and place your stones in the middle. Once done fill the threads with beads of your choice and at the end attach the hooks. You can also make your own choker necklace in this way.


Bracelets are most commonly made with the help of the beads. There are many amazing styles of bracelets available. All you have to do is check out the tutorial and you will learn to make the perfect bracelet. You can make the friendship band, crisscross design, flowers and much more. In the beginning, it might take some time but with practice, you will become an expert.


If you are planning to make something simple and easy with the Czech glass beads then a ring will be your perfect choice.

  • Take any type of stone or gem that you like the most
  • You will need a wire or keyring. Make sure that the size is a little larger than your finger
  • Place the gem first and then fill the entire ring with Czech glass beads
  • People will surely appreciate your sense of style


You can easily make some cool earrings using the Czech glass beads. Just like the necklace, you will need a strong thread or you can use the strong metallic wire. Fill the wire with beads and once done you can twist it into any shape you want. You add your own design like the bracelet and prepare a complete set.  


Pendant might be a little tough because the stone you are planning to keep as a base should be strong and merge with the Czech glass beads. You will have to learn the technique to make the pendant.

Bottom line

When you are planning to make the jewelry using the Czech glass beads you have to assure that you always take some extra beads and thread with you. In case the thread is short or you run out of beads your hard work will be wasted. When you will have an extra thread you easily cut it. Assure to buy the design and the shape of the beads that will look interesting in the bracelet or necklace that you are planning to prepare.


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