Top Sweet Nail Designs For Your Birthday

Having a special manicure done for your birthday is a great way to add some color to your special day. Nail art is a great way to add some sparkle and color to your hands and your everyday wardrobe. There is a wide variety of birthday inspired nail art designs that are available online, from cupcake designs to abstract or graphic designs like polka dots, any of these cool designs are great to celebrate your birthday. To know more you can visit The Cuddl.

When you are in the process of choosing a design feel free to be creative, you can begin by deciding on the color that you want to use, after which you can decide on the technique that you want to use. Then finally you will need to analyze and check if the techniques you have decided on are practical to use for a birthday celebration.

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There are a variety of fashionable embellishments that can be used to make your nails look really pretty. To make your nails stand out you can be really creative and innovative with the designs.

In this list, we have compiled the top birthday nail designs that every nail artist will swoon over. You can choose whichever design you love for your birthday.

  • A blend of ombre and dots:

This design is perfect for a summer birthday party; it screams color, fun, and creativity. This sweet design begins with a white gradient and then goes into pink and orange. The nails are then finished off with colorful polka dots. This nail art is great for teenagers and tweens to celebrate their birthday party.

  • The 80s inspired graphic nail design:

This really fun design will take you back to the 1980s, its retro vibe with squiggles, triangles, circles and polka dots on a solid background are really fun to look at, the base color can be peach, blue or purple. As long as the base coat is a pastel hue your designs will stand out more. The base color can alternate on each nail.

  • Gradient and graphic lines:

Gradient backgrounds look really cool, especially when they are paired with graphic lines. It gives the nails a really funky look; the stenciled look gives a very mermaid-esque look that is very 2018. This pretty peach-colored gel polish will look flattering on any skin tone, the stenciled lines are sure to garner a lot of attention.

  • Short nail sequins:

This party design is the easiest in this list, the technique is super simple, the nails start off with a plain white coat of nail polish, over the base coat oversized sequins are placed once the basecoat and the sequins dry up than a top coat it should be applied. The sequins are the star of this manicure as they add the shining element.


The designs that are mentioned above are great to wear for your birthday party, it will add a pop of color and style to your outfit. If you are new to nail art then you might want to try the easier and low maintenance designs before trying the high-end ones.

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