Why you should wear a watch today!

A deplorable shift has taken place in the last few decades. Among many other things, watches have all but disappeared from men’s wrists.

There was a time when wristwatches were a necessity for both men and women, who followed a ritual of putting it on their wrist every morning and taking it off only at night before bed. It was essential or else you wouldn’t know the time and be late for everything.

Since the invention of cell phones, and later smartphones becoming more and more common, people started considering conventional watches to be old-fashioned.Image result for Why you should wear a watch today!

People started to pull out their phone from their pocket to check the time on a sleek digital display rather than a well-crafted mechanical watch. If you hang out in a cafe, you will be amazed to see just how many people place their smartphones on the table even before they take a seat. This is a severe case of lack of manners of millennials, who probably never even bothered to take up the habit to wear a watch, but it is also a necessary gesture. Sometimes it is considered rude to check your phone at certain places. Chefs hate it, brides hate it, and your mother surely does. Looking at your phone when you are in the middle of something important, whether it is a date, an interview, or a meeting, is often bad form. A watch makes it much easier and classier.

A watch is considered the accessory that a man can wear every day. You can build a collection, swap them out for different outfits, change straps to suit different occasions, and find one that perfectly reflects you and your lifestyle.

A watch becomes your personal signature piece – something that you will wear so often that people will end up identifying it with you. Even a smart watch is better than no watch – though it will send its own unique message depending on the model.

Once you get a habit of wearing a watch you will feel like your outfit will be incomplete without your watch, like it’s missing something. A watch will really tie it all together.

The image of a successful man wearing a watch is iconic. If you have ever seen shows on TV or a James Bond movie, you’d know all those men wear stylish wristwatches. Business men who wear watches are seen to be more reliable, organized, and professional.  The image of the watch winder is still linked to men. This makes watches a symbol of manhood.Wearing a watch shows you are a responsible and an organized person, who is willing and able to adapt to new situations. When everyone else is relying on smartphones and smartwatches, wearing a wrist watch is going to make you stand out, giving a message to the people around that you know how to value your time and your money.

The tangible benefits a wristwatch holds for its wearer goes beyond telling the time. A watch symbolizes time much more than a smartphone could. It reminds you that time is constantly moving and you better get living and doing all the things you’re planning on. Women can wear a lot of accessories, but men are only entitled to wear watches and cufflinks. These are the only two accessories a man can wear at any time, with any type of suit. Of course, men can wear other jewelry as well, but not at workplaces where there’s a dress code for them to maintain. However, you never have to hide your watch, which means you can express yourself with that watch. You can choose from a wide range of sporty, colorful, shiny, rubber watches – for any day and any situation. Wristwatches are highly versatile and functional.

Those hours and seconds never stop. Neither should you.

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