Yoga Essentials and Fashion

Yoga is thousands of years old, and you’re probably wondering whether people used the right outfit or use yoga essentials like a yoga mat back the day. Practicing yoga requires only your spirit, mind and body. However, most modern practitioners feel more comfortable with essential items that are simple to obtain.

 Most yoga studios feature blocks, straps and other props that you can use along the way. As soon as you understand what yoga represents and pass the beginner’s stage, you can use those props so that you can practice at home by yourself.

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Here are some essentials that will help you throughout the process so that you can increase the experience and boost your enjoyment while at home.

  1. Find Appropriate Mat

The first time you entered a gym or yoga studio, you probably had some mats that you can use, but it is a much better choice to bring your solution. Even though studios will dry and wash their mats, it is more hygienically to find the one that only you will use and no one else.

At the same time, owning a mat means that you will be able to take it anytime and anywhere, which is an excellent motivation so that you can keep up with your practices when you are away on vacation or at home.

You can find numerous mat options available on the market, and we will present you the most common and popular ones that you can use:

  • Eco-Friendly – You can find many mats made from renewable and plant-based materials such as jute or tree rubber, which is a much better choice than finding ones that contain latex and PVC especially due to allergies that could happen to some people.
  • Length – You have to make sure that mat is long enough, and that your hands and feet can be comfortable on it. Some extra-long mats can reach up to 84 inches.
  • Thickness – In some cases, you will need a quarter inch thick mat so that you can avoid bruising and injuring yourself. You will be able to find a thinner mat, on the other hand, for gentle classes or if you want to do yoga at home. However, you have to make sure to get a specific yoga mat, because if you choose fitness mats, you will have balance issues.
  • Texture – You have to make sure that you’re comfortable with the way it feels because some can be sticky due to textured grip so that you can prevent your feet’s and hands from slipping throughout the process. Some mats feature natural and nubby texture, while others can provide you feeling of rubber.


  1. Comfortable, Breathable Clothing

We all enjoy wearing skinny jeans, but that is not something you should dress for yoga. The idea is to find stretchable, comfortable and trendy clothes at the same that will allow you to focus on your practice without tugging chafing sleeve or waistband. You read that right, trendy yoga wear is what ladies are looking for in a yoga outfit.

While you can still be fashionable even while doing yoga, let’s not forget the basic things you should look for in a yoga clothing.

  • Get The Right Fit – You should avoid wearing items that are too revealing or big, and watch out for tops that will be extra low or extra wide. Do not wear too loose shorts because you will have the potential for overexposure. At the same time, avoid too restrictive and tight clothes, because you will have to be completely free while doing it.
  • Yoga-Specific Clothes – Fitness wear is the best choice that you can make because most of these clothes are made so that they can allow you to move your whole body without any additional hassle. Therefore, you should check for styles and moisture-wicking fabric that are both comfortable and form-fitting. The best choice that you can make is finding fitting yoga pants, which are athletic, usually black pants that you can find at any sports goods store. It is useless to spend a hundred bucks for the pair, mainly because you’re using it for training and not to show off, but yoga wears are also great for other things as well. If you wish to find specific yoga clothes, you should visit this link: for more information.
  • Ask Around – If you are not confident what to wear, we recommend you to check out yoga forums and magazines that will help you determine how trainees are looking and what they are wearing.



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